Ban Pho Village is an upland commune of Bac Ha district, Lao Cai. Is one of the most well-known villages in Sapa, Ban Pho Village where converges more than 500 households with over 3,000 inhabitants, which 99% are from Mongolia. When you are arriving, Ban Pho Village appears as a beautiful and shiny picture. Into the vast blue of the endlessly stretching mountains you can find the houses of H’mong people which look like a bird’s nest sticking to the mountainside. The best time to visit this place is in February and March because it’s beautiful scenery on spring as the plum flower bloom everywhere.

Ban Pho Village north vietnam

How to go to Ban Pho Village?

Ban Pho is a village of Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. There are 2 ways to get to Ban Pho village:

  • The first way, you can go along the 4d highway. it will take about 2 hours by taxi and car.
  • Other ways, you can go follow the 4D.E highway. But, you have to spend more time. it’s about more than 2 hours.

From Sapa town, you have to going along Thach Son to QL4D. Then, going along Highway 70 to Highway 4D and TL 153. You have to continue to go to TL 153 and driving to Ban Pho Bac Ha.

Approximately, it will takes you about 15 minutes from Bac Ha town and 2 hours from Lao Cai station.


H’mong people in Ban Pho Village

Ban Fo village is famous ancient populations of Mongolia Bac Ha.  H’Mong people had settled down in this village a very long time ago and built their houses on stilts with Pomu wood. Ban Pho still retains primary of highland villages.
Traditional Ban Pho Village
Hmong woman in Ban Pho

One of the traditional hanmade products in Ban Pho is fabric weaving with cotton and linen as main inputs. Local people usually wear clothes which are made by themselves. You will find curious the fact that girl’s dresses are very eye-catching with colorful vignettes while men mostly wear dark clothes.

irl’s dresses are very eye-catching with colorful vignettes
Hmong boy with dark clothes it Ban Pho Village
Traditional vignettes of Ban Pho Village


Ban Pho people live mainly on rice farming, as the most village around Vietnam. Here, is also common they fabric weaving and planting of medicinal plants. If you visit the village before lunch time, when people are cooking, you will be surprised about what you are going to find in the kitchen. There are many strings of pork, beef, etc.

Rice terra in Ban Pho Village
Hmong woman agriculture Ban Pho Village
Hmong girls Ban Pho Village
Traditional kitchen in Ban Pho Village

Hmong ethnic people in Ban Pho Village love use instruments, the most characteristic of which is the panpipe and “dan moi” (lip lute). On the day of Tet holiday or fairs, Hmong young boys and girls usually use their panpipe to call their lovers and sing a love song to them.

Despite the lack in material possessions, the main reason for locals are known is because of their extreme hospitality. If you can ask them for accomodations they are going to give you for free and always treat you like one of their relatives.


Hmong people in Ban Pho Village

Food and drink in Ban Pho

Ban Pho is very famous for its specialty “corn wine”. Bac Ha has many wine villages but the most good and famous one is Ban Pho wine. It is no coincidence that in Ban Pho, corn planted area up to 300 ha, while only 82 ha of paddy land. Especially, you have to try their special barbecue with wine, it tastes with an special flavor which you can not eat or drink in any other places. In addition, when they have just finished in making wine, they will offer you to enjoy that wine and eating the barbecue food.


If you want to see what a real Montagnard village looks like, you have to visit Ban pho village. The local people live simply (of course, don’t expect electricity).

The Hmong villagers are some of the kindest people you’ll meet in Vietnam. Moreover , these villages are very beautiful ,and Ban Ho is one of these villages. Especially Ban Pho is very famous for its specialty “corn wine”.

Ban Pho local people

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