How many hours will I need to walk and how difficult is the trekking?

You can decide together with the guide about how you want to spend your trek. Our guides are skilled at customising adventures for you (and your children’s) wish and capacity. We make both easy and difficult treks around Sapa. An normal trek is about 12-15km/day and you walk for about 5-6 hours.

How do I book my trek

You can book your trek through on online, or by email hmongsapacommunity@gmail.com. You can also book directly at our partner in Hanoi: Gowhere Hanoi Hostel, 1B Quoc Tu Giam Street, Ha Noi

Do you do group tour?

No, we do only private tours.

How do I pay for my trek

You can pay for your trek in our partner: Gowhere Hanoi Hostel, 1B Quoc Tu Giam street, Ha Noi or in our homestay in Sapa. We can not accept credit cash, only cash, may be VN Dong or US Dollar.

How much does it cost?

The prices depend on: how many people there are in your group, how many days you want to trek and what you want to do. You can see in our tours.

What about food during the trek?

Our tours include all meals. You can be instructed to cook local dishes or enjoy local cooking.

Can I stay at a local house?

Of course, you will not only eat but also sleep in a local Hmong house

What do I need to bring on my trek?

If you trek in one day, just only need a comfortable trekking shoes and a sunscreen product. But, if you trek in many days, you should bring a smaller backpack with clothes to change and personal things needed for the trek. Other things to bring like: snacks for the road, flash light, waterproof jacket, mosquito repellent.

Where do I meet my guide?

We will pick you up in Sapa town or bus station to Zizi's house where you meet your guide.

Can I offer Herbal Bath?

Yes, if you trek to Ta Phin villages, you can have Herbal Bath.

Where can I leave my luggage and shower in Sapa?

You can leave your luggage for free in our partner at Ha Noi or in Zizi homestay while trekking. In Zizi homestay, you can also have a shower before and after your trek.

What is not included in the price?

Private expenses, other beverage, travel insurance