Talking about Sapa is compulsory to talk about the weather during the year and the circumstances of its villages facing the contrasted temperatures between seasons.

Although Sapa is one of the areas in Vietnam with the best weather and so the ideal destination to visit and so do activities and tourism, during some weeks in the coldest winter the temperatures can reach minus zero producing frost and, sometimes, snow.

Let’s explain its weather deeply and also the best time to visit it.

If the weather is almost perfect for visiting almost all year long, the humidity is highly elevated (83-87%). Moreover, in a same day temperature can extremely vary. We are talking about, approximately, 15 Celsius range.  That why is so important not trust high temperatures because at night these can drop severely. Therefore, take always, even in summer, warm clothes bearing in mind the temperature differences.

So if you are thinking on travelling around Vietnam and so visit Sapa, even if you are going to spend one night it’s important to have clothes for evening and also night.

Talking about humidity may you think can get really hot but it is not the case. In Sapa, compared to other areas and cities in Vietnam, has a very kind weather. This is due to the location.

So now you’ve got an idea about temperatures, it’s time to talk about precipitation and breeze.

If we have been suggesting about wearing warm clothes, you will also need rain boots and of course rain coat. The rain time is during whole year causing more humidity in summer and a colder weather in winter. That’s why visiting Sapa requires warm and waterproof clothes. Even visiting for short time. Maybe you are lucky while trekking and visiting villages and doesn’t rain but this is quite rare. So, just in case, be ready for whatever weather could be during your stay.

But if you have a flexible agenda and you don’t mind going to Sapa any time of the year, the best season is from March-May and also September-November. The tourism is not as elevated as in summer and the precipitation is not as high as then. So it’s perfect for enjoying not only the local villages and people without more tourism that what it is supposed to be but for having fun not being worried about the rain and the fog.

To sum up, September is the ideal month due to: less tourism, best weather and also is the harvesting season.

For further information, you can check the weather in this website Accuweather ( It’s quite correctly most of the time. Or leave a question about the weather in Sapa in the comments section, Hmongsapa community will help you update.

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