Where is Y Linh Ho Village?

Map to show the way to Y Lin Ho village

Y Linh Ho village is located about 7 km southwest of Sapa town, on the west side of Muong Hoa River, on the way to Lao Chai village. Y Linh Ho is a small commune composed by a dozen of small hamlets scattering on the harsh mountain terrain with high and steep mountains.

The only way to get to the commune is the main road on mountain foot. The fresh air in the highland is really great for taking a walk. There are a few hundred inhabitants from the Black H’Mong living in this commune. They live in small houses made of house, bamboo and mainly cultivate corn and dry rice on the steep hillsides.

Y Linh Ho Village stunning views


Origin of the Y Linh Ho Village

The rumours said that the name “Y Linh Ho” referred from an old story of the Dao that it was originated from the name of the initial explorer of the land: “Ly Linh Ho” and then though the Dao moved on to other land and it became the Mong’s residence, it has been called “Y Linh Ho” as a kind of the ancient recall.

Black Hmong young girl


The road to Y Linh Ho Village

Distant from the main road, the path to the village is winding, tortuous and sloping. Y Linh Ho road is not noisy with crazy transport like in the center zone but being peaceful and quiet. The people here only depend on agricultural cultivation for living, mainly growing rice and corn, then terraces in the village are large and fascinating despite in summer when the green covering all the fields or in late autumn at which the terraces are all silky golden like an arty picture.

This is also one of the best places for best homestay in the nortf of Vietnam to explore the lifestyle and culture, customs of the resident.

Things to do in Y Lin Ho Village

Haversting season Y Linh Ho Village

  • Walk beside the river and valley and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch beside the Muong Hoa River. If the weather is good you can go for a swim (it depends of you).
  • Continue the trekking route through the lush rice terraces to Lao Chai village.
  • You can move to Ta Van village to visit the Dzay minority and Ta van.
  • Interact with the Black H’mong people: it’s the best way to learn of their daily life and traditional culture, is an enriching and humbling experience.
  • Meet the Black Mong’s routines such as: weaving, dyeing with their unique method by using indigo.


A trekking trail to Y Linh Ho is a must on your trip to Sapa. You can enjoy with its rudimentary but beautiful houses, steep hillsides, the splendid rice terraces and the dreamy Muong Hoa Stream.

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