The harvesting season in Sapa

Although it takes its time to arrive till the northwest of Vietnam is really worth it to go. Apart from the lovely locals and the amazing traditions, there is something else in this magic environment, the base and the action in Sapa where all starts: the rice fields. 

So one of the attractive of Sapa and also one of the reasons to go there are breath-taking views and the landscape of the rice fields. Is so huge its impact that international interviews such as Travel and Leisure vote this area of Vietnam on of the most beautiful and impressive landscape in Asia. 

The harvest season in Sapa

Due to the weather and the land, Sapa is the perfect location for growing up rice fields. From the bottom of the mountains till the top.  

Depending on the season you are traveling to the main color of the view will vary. While in summer is lively green, in autumn starts being brown so it’s time to harvesting. 

If you are thinking on going April-May season, as it is time to prepare the land watering all the fields, the colours landscape which remain are basically the mirrored water, the green of the forest which complete and company the rice fields and also the blue of the sky. 

The Sapa scenery in the harvest season

Summer is, maybe, the most colored season in Sapa not for the contracts but for the strong green which ground in every paddy field. Feeling live greens as little and thin brush-strokes in every single part of the land. 

The last season to talk about but the most important one is from September to beginning November, autumn, the time to harvesting fields and obtain all the effort of the last months. 

The Hmongsapa people here become busy on the harvest season

This is the time, also called as the gold one, when in all the paddy fields prevail yellow-brown colors as gold one. Is then when the contrasts are magnificent giving Sapa and the villages around a magic environment like something enchanted is giving magical touches here and there.