Handicraft day

With this one day immersion in the cultural life of Hmong people, you will get to learn everything about their unique traditions passed down from generation to generation for centuries: cooking style, clothes… You will see the local life, people working on their land with or without buffalos, the terraced rice paddies around the village with nice view points, animals around there...

Let's hit the road

Some Sapa gems and scenic view points can only be reached by motorbike or car. This is why, we propose you a day trip on a motorbike or in a car to make you visit the most beautiful places around Sapa

The Mountain View

For those who like adventures, challenges and stunning landscape views, this trek is for you. Hmong people know perfectly the way to bring you from Sapa to the top of mountains with breathtaking views of the surrounding.

The Zizi House Trek

In the old times, Hmong people like Zizi hiked to Sapa market from their village. Now, this path has become a must-do trek. During this one day trek, you will have great overview of the main villages and walk through rice paddies.