Sapa is the meaning of fresh mountains, clear air and nice and open local people who help foreigners to understand and share their culture, traditions and also curiosity. But all in all, there also exist the amazing cuisine with their rice wine, ginger and honey tea or their pork with soup. There are lots of offers to enjoy the good gastronomy but in this article we are going to highlight the ones we love the most. 

Local people in Sapa know how to attract visitors and feel them like home so depending of what kind of tourist you are for sure you will have the appropriate answer related on priorities and kind of tastes. 

If you love eating no matter how the place looks like, your perfect choice is Little Sapa. A restaurant located in the village and although is quite weird the food they serve is really good and also have low prices. Therefore, you can enjoy a good meal for less than expected. 


Little Sapa restaurant

But if you are an energetic person are you are planning to trek the Fansipan, we also have the perfect election. The place called Sapa o’chau is really good restaurant for starting the day with tones of energy with a perfect breakfast. So before trekking, this is the ideal place.  


Sapa Ochau restaurant

For the snobs who want to enjoy the most popular and well-known restaurant on the area and tell friends about it, Good morning Vietnam will be the first restaurant on their lists. A part from being a place with really tasty and nice food, the location is also one of the reasons this restaurant is so popular. Well rated everywhere. 

As a modern and alternative place, the option is Le Gecko. It has been created, basically, for those tourists they like to taste the local food without losing the European atmosphere.  


The Gecko restaurant

Finally, for the posh people, there is also a place to enjoy food Hill station signature restaurant. This is going to be your answer if you are up for amazing food but also for a high budget. 

What about getting a beer and enjoy the evenings in a more relaxed place like a pub? If you are not tired enough of the whole day and you have still energy for going for a drink, although there are lots of bars to go Mountain bar and pub is one of the best in the area.  

These are the places I usually eat and love a lot. If you have other places, please comment below. Hmongsapa community is very excited about that.

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