SaPa is one of the most amazing places in Vietnam. Full of culture, traditions and also welcoming people is an area that for sure it has to be visited.
This zone occupied for several ethnics has some special things that make SaPa an unique place to do lots of activities and also learn not from guides but for the same locals about gastronomy, traditions, family and also they daily day.

Ethnic minorities in Sapa

Nowadays, Sapa has approximately 50.000 locals but this ones are placed in several ethics, 9 in total. The majority and the well-known ones are Hmong people: most of them have their own business in Sapa and also most of the homestays are from a Hmong Family. Yao is also another ethnic in the area and also a popular one. The others called Kihn, Tay, Day and Xa Pho are decreasing due to the poverty in the fields and also the tempting way to go away from the village.


Most of the population have their leaving on the farm and the land but they are really poor so they try to find other ways to make money and also have a decent lifestyle.

Gastronomy in Sapa


Food is always a good way to try to know much better the culture and also the status and beliefs of the population. In Sapa, gastronomy is one of the basics and must do as it has peculiar but also exquisites tastes for sure all visitors will enjoy with.
Chicken and pork are the main ingredients in most of the north Vietnamese dishes although they also love vegetables and green food.
The main dishes in there are mushrooms with pork, bamboo, spring rolls, chicken with tomato, tofu with species and, obviously, noodles and rice.
Beer is also a really cheap and good alcoholic drink for accompany these special plates.

Must to do’s in Sapa

Although Sapa village is not one of the biggest ones, therevare lots of offers to discover little bit better its culture and also the lands and surroundings.
One of the main activities to enjoy the stay are the following ones.
Sapa Main Market


Local people make handicrafts and handmade clothes that they sell, afterwards, in the sapa market. This one is characterized for its vibrant colours and for the multitude of stuff you can buy for economic prices. Nice clothes and complements that, apart from being handmade and really beatufil, with your purchase you are helping them to have a better life.
This market is open every day of the week. You can find everything you need in there: from clothes to herbal medicines or food. You can also have breakfast or lunch while trying to get in touch with the locals.
Visiting Silver Waterfalls (Thac Bac)

One of the most attractions in Sapa is the called Thac Bac or known as well Silver Falls. Located approximately 15 km from the Sapa center is also a must visit in the place. With awesome views but also with lots of tourists that try to show off their best capture.
Bamboo forest.

Some kilometres far away before meeting the Silver Waterfalls, it exists a forest full of bamboos that although they can be quite muddy and difficult to walk through are really worth it.

Culture and traditions in Sapa

Taking a deeply look into the different ethnic groups that live in Sapa, each one has his own rituals, traditions and also ways to live.
One example is the traditional outfits they were. Each of them use their own as a distinctive sign of belong to at ethnic minority. Most of the people who defend traditions and also popular clothes are woman.
About family and the important character in it is, basically, woman. While men build up their homes and do the most physical work, woman are the ones who give orders and organize all the family for a unique main objective.

A little tip in Sapa

If you don’t want just go around and visit a superficial touristic area of the place, try to get in touch as much as possible with locals. A good suggestion is instead of staying in a hotel look for accommodation in a real homestay. Local people are very nice and kind and they love to show their homes and they always have their doors open for everyone. Don’t be shy and enjoy it! Our Hmongsapa community will be very happy with you.

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