Are you planing a trip to Sapa Vietnam? You need some real photo about Sapa scenery to make sure you doesn’t spend time for a misspend trip. This is everything you need.

Mother nature has created a majestic natural landscape in Sapa. But, Sapa people is more excellent when they make Sapa become more colourful and charming. So, no foreigners come to Vietnam without visiting Sapa.

Sapa is well-known as a place that the sky and ground are united as one.

Clouds are hovering on middle of mountain, above the head, covering the whole road, like you are touching the sky.


Sapa scenery almost is covered green of mountain, trees and rice terraces spreads for miles in all directions.

Sometimes, Sapa scenery is brilliant with yellow of ripening rice fields

If you come the center of Sapa or market of ethnic people, you will enjoy a picture with full color of nature which is created by hand of ethnic such as dress, hat, scarf, bag, etc.

If you stay in the ethnic people’s houses, you will have a chance to see the color of yellow corns which are hanging on the rooftop. That’s awsome, right?!

Sapa is kind of touristy now but you also can find a place with real life Hmong people if you go to the village. Ok, If you have decided to come to Sapa, please give Hmongsapa community some pictures of you in Sapa when you get there. Please comment below. We appreciate that.

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