Thac Bac, the Silver Waterfall, the highest in Vietnam with a 300m drop is located about 12km from the centre of Sa Pa town. The Silver Waterfall is formed by sources of water from the Lo Sui Tong mountain peak. Coming to Thac Bac travellers will sink into the cool weather and extravagant landscape of mountainous surroundings.

If you have time during your visit an ascent to the base of the waterfall will enable you to explore and enjoy the surrounding landscape. Climbing from the foot of the waterfall to the altitude of about 30 meters, will give you the opportunity to feel that the waterfall is flowing toward. The small water flows rumble down in order to catch up with the streams below. At the foot of the slope leading to Silver Falls is the salmon seed production center, which has ambitions to become the Vietnam’s largest research station on coldwater fisheries.

Silver waterfall Sapa vietnam

On the sunniest of days, lying at a height of 500 meters beside National Highway 4D, the waterfall pours down like a giant white dragon descends from the sky. It is formed by sources of water from the Lo Sui Tong mountain peak, roaring and producing white foam to offer a stunning view over surrounding mountains and lush forests. Visitors may climb up the top of the waterfall to enjoy greater sight, which invokes a certain feel of romance. Bring along wide-angled cameras for the mountains, you won’t regret it.


The road to Thac Bac (Silver Waterfall) is really an unforgettable experience with terraced fields, lush forests, and flowers blooming. To reach the waterfalls, you can travel from Sapa centre by private car or, if you enjoy the adventure, by motorbike in only 30 minutes. In particular, far only about 2km from Silver Falls, after your visit to the waterfall you are able to set foot on Tram Ton, where departs the journey of conquering Fansipan peak.

Waterfall Sapa Vietnam

Magnificent natural scenery on the trips, the pine forests, the chayote gardens spreading over the hillside, the lush fields of roses year round will make you being immerse in the impressive nature. Discovering Silver Waterfall is one of the most unforgettable things to do in Sapa. Going ahead of the winding roads, breathing in the mountain air, and hearing the birds, will make enjoy the nature and forget the big cities. In Sapa there are four seasons having mist in the early morning. Especially the area around the Silver Waterfall has a chilly summer. So that, this place is a famous spot and is regularly visited by monks to pray.

Silver Waterfall - Thac Bac Giong

In adition, this waterfall is included on the list Top 7 amazing waterfalls in Vietnam.

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