Thang Co is commonly known as special food, tradition dish of Mong ethnic people. Nowadays, Thang Co is a delicious and familiar dish of high-land people. When lowland people are proud of pho, high-land people pride on Thang co. The colder it is, the more delicious Thang Co is. Thang Co is processed from many parts of a horse, including head, legs, types of meat, viscera and other specific ingredients. Thang Co is usually eaten with men men (special corn of Mong people), baked corn cake… 

Thang co is a famous food in Sapa

According to Han-Vietnamese meaning, Thang is soup, Co is pan, Thang Co means soup pan. This is a typical dish of high-land community. In the past, Thang Co was only made of horse meat because of its deliciousness. However, at present, Thang Co can be processed by other cattle meat like buffalo, cow, goat. Therefore, its name Thang Co is usually followed by specific cattle such as buffalo Thang Co,. Thang Co is not only tasty but also showing the community’s cleverness, gastronomy and cultural beuty. 

2. Five – coloured steamed glutinous

During Tet Holidays, festival…Five-coloured steamed rice is an important, indispensible dish of almost ethnic groups in Sapa, especially Tay people. 


A kind of sticky rice 

Steamed rice’s colour is its special feature. Yellow flower large size glutinous rice is chosen to cook steamed rice. The steamed rice has natural and attractive colour of white, red, green, purple and yellow. White colour is of rice, other colour are formed by soaking rice in forestry leaf and bulb waster which are easily found in jungle or home garden. Each region, ethnic people has their own cooking recipe such as gac fruit is used to make red colour, green colour is formed by ginger leaf, pomelo skin, bitter bamboo sprout skin, macaranga leaf, dried pink mempat burned into ash then soaked in lime water; yellow colour is from water of grilled saffron; purple colour is  made of dark rice leaf… 

Five-coloured steam rice symbolizes five basic elements: white colour is metal, green colour is wood, dark colour is water, red colour is fire and yellow colour is land. It is believed that the five elements support theory of Sky-Earth-Human. Their ancestors said that eating five-coloured steamed rice in tet holidays or festivals bring them luck. 

3. Men men (special local corn) 

Men men is made of non-glutions corn. To cook men men, each Mong family has to steam men men from early morning for the whole day. Processing men men requires much time with steps: split, grind corn into flour and sift to remove corn skin. 

To cook men men, it is required 2 times of steaming. In the first steaming, corn flour absorbs water to keep the flour non-glutinous. After that, the flour is left to get cold before the second steaming. To eat men men, they used a wooden ladle to scoop it into a bowl and eat with a soup, which is usually pumpkin soup or mustard green soup…Men men is an indispensable dish of Mong people in Sapa, especially in their Tet holiday, wedding or funeral… 

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