Once upon a time, King South Dragon married Au Co, a beautiful north fairy. At the beginning, the lived in the northern mountains, where she laid 100 eggs. But the king was homesick and went there with half of his sons. These ones would be the starting of the main ethnic group in Vietnam (Kihn and Viet).The others fifty would be the ones who would remain in the north. 

Chapa – another name of Sapa

Nowadays, in Sapa remain eight ethnic groups: Hmong, Dao, Tay, Giay, Muong, Thai, Hoa and Xa Pho. Each one with different traditions, rituals and so clothes and homes. Hmong people in Sapa(called Hmongsapa) dress dark clothes with colourful complements, Dao prefer red clothes. 

But the history cannot be always a nice one and in part of its process can develop fights, rows and poverty. 

Sapa was one of the preferred places for French to spend holiday season and get fresh from the warm temperatures in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and their surroundings (about 1900). 

As it started to be popular, they created a railway and also few hostels at the beginning of XX c. Sapa was also a place aforementioned for the doctors to people recuperate forces and get benefit from mountains air. Was so huge impact for locals this air fresh mountains that the Governor of Indochina constructed his own summer residence. Therefore, more people wanted to go not just to spend holiday’s time but also using this place as a health resort. From then to nowadays lots of hotels has been constructed not only for Asiatic people but for people from around the world.  

Therefore, in the middle of XXs a church was built up and also a prison, its own water, telephone system an also electricity.


Sapa market in 1930

In February 1947 Viet Minh troops launched a devastating attack on Sapa, destroying military installations and forcing civilian residents of the town and the Cistercian nuns of Ta Phin to flee to Hanoi. But Sapa was re-occupied by the French in 1947, but its popularity was not as the same before.  

After 1960 Sapa started to be, once again, the preferred area for relax. From then till today. As so in 1993 Sapa had been opened for foreign tourist. Nowadays everybody can enjoy the amazing views and breath-taking landscapes of this awesome place.

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